How websites are controlled and maintained using cPanel

C Panel or Control Panel is basically a web based control panel that is quite popular. It controls all the activities starting from the maintenance of a website. The full form of the c panel is the control panel. This software has to be downloaded and used for free from the website, or if you buy a domain from a domain hosting provider, they install it on the client’s PC. He gives the client an ID and password with him.


The main function of the C panel software is to show a complete control center after logging in with ID and password, from where it will show various other types control output including website image, text, backup. However, in this case, the car may have more or less those options, which largely depends on the design of the website. Many people think that the website they visit does not have any options to control the website, so how does the owner of the website manage the website? Once you enter this C panel software or, a screen will appear in the image above and you can take full control of that website by entering the desired ID and password.



  •     Root and Reseller Admin Panel
  •     Reseller Domain Panel
  •     Domain Owner Panel