What is VPS? How To Choose Cheap VPS?

What is VPS?

What is VPS?
VPS Hosting

Virtual Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers Which is known as VPS.

Each server is a completely independent system with its own operating system. Therefore, the user can control root management and restart the system at any time. This gives the VPS almost 100% protection from local hacked attacks. If one VPS account is attacked, the other accounts will not be affected. This is not possible if you are using a shared hosting service. VPS is a good solution for medium-sized businesses that have multiple website systems with large amounts of source code. However, VPS requires user management such as server configuration and system security …

For example, In short, you need a server for your website system. It is very expensive and wastes server resources. VPS helps solve this problem. VPS segregates physical server resources into multiple pieces. It saves a lot of money and the server admin can create more VPS for rental.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPS

  • VPS allows users to utilize physical server resources and reduce the number of physical servers.
  • It works perfectly as an independent server with its own private CPU, RAM, HDD drive, IP address and operating system.
  • Instead of hiring a private server, you save a lot of money.
  • Used for setting up VPS web servers, mail servers, and other applications, accessing websites using web browsers on VPS, and fast download / upload.
  • VPS in Vietnam is very convenient in the experimental environment of the demo project because it does not need to prepare many physical servers.
  • You can easily upgrade without rebooting your system.
  • Immediately reinstall the operating system in 5-10 minutes.
  • Customers can choose the appropriate VPS configuration.
  • VPS stability is affected by the behavior of the physical server.
  • The limited resources of the physical server must be shared with many different clients.


Important technical specifications of VPS


The more RAM you have, the better your data access. You should check whether your VPS is using physical RAM or virtual RAM to avoid making a false estimate of VPS performance. On the server, RAM is the main memory. RAM handles PHP code with PHP software, database queries with MySQL, and supports encoding of data. Therefore, this is a very important parameter.

Currently most VPS services allow you to choose from 512 MB to 16 GB of RAM memory (cloud VPS above 16 GB). Choose the appropriate RAM memory depending on your website traffic and VPS optimization.

Disk space

A disk (HDD) is a storage space that stores operating system installation files and website source code. Drives are currently divided into two types.

  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive): The most common type of drive used in computers.
  • SSD (Solid State Drive): Semiconductor hard drive. It is a hard drive that is about 300 times faster than an HDD. VPS with SSD is more expensive than HDD.

Hard drives have a big impact on VPS speed. SSDs are more stable, durable, faster, and more shock resistant than SDDs. If you have a good budget, you should use VPS SSDs.

CPU core

The dedicated server has a specific CPU core and is distributed to VPS Cloud Vietnam. The more CPU cores the VPS has, the faster the data processing will be. Each core can process data packets continuously, and the combination of multiple CPU cores increases the overall processing speed of the system.


Most people don’t use SWAP resources, but using SWAP improves server performance. SWAP is a virtual memory that stores old handle actions when RAM is full (overloaded). SWAP is an independent storage area on the hard drive and is an independent memory. You can create a swap completely with VPS.


Some cheap Vietnam VPS server providers do not provide backup, so you have to do it yourself to avoid data loss.


What is KVM VPS hosting?

VPS hosting means that your website does not share a server with other websites Basically it is a standalone VPS hosting. The great advantage of using a KVM VPS is isolation and customization (configurations).

For businesses to have the highest reliability for their reputation and profitability, KVM VPS hosting is the best option.