What is Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting / Server? Which server would you like best?

dedicated server

What is Dedicated Hosting / Server?

Dedicated Hosting

Server doesn’t mean anything. These are also computers. However, in the case of small size, many computers can be kept in one place.

Anyway, now let’s say in simple language what is dedicated hosting / server ?. When a computer is used entirely as a server, it is called a dedicated Hosting . And the hosting of this dedicated server is what we call dedicated hosting. Lots if you want You can say it hard or you can learn hard, but that’s the point.


What is VPS Hosting / Server?

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. When multiple servers are created by sharing a computer with a particular software or something else, each part is called a VPS Hosting . Hope you understand.


Which server would you like best?

Well, I must say dedicated server. The reason is that when a computer is VPSed, the power or speed of the car is fixed. Now I think a VPS suddenly overloaded

But the rest of the VPS does not have much load, even then it will not get any help from the rest of the VPS. But since the dedicated server is a whole computer, if Jackon suddenly loads more on the site, then he will be able to use the remaining speed by keeping the rest of the site intact.

Dedicated server or hosting I think is much better in this regard.

On a dedicated server you can easily increase the configuration as you wish, but VPS can be a little complicated.


But I’m not saying VPS is bad. If it is a personal site or there are not many visitors to the site, then I will say VPS Best for you. Because dedicated hosting  can cost a little more than VPS. So what is the need to spend more money unnecessarily .


What I have been saying for so long is about shared hosting. I mean, from which company do you think you hosted a site with 1/2/3 GB? Because a company runs many sites with one VPS or many sites with one dedicated server . So Speed ​​is divided in many ways.


However, if your site has a lot of visitors, you can take a whole VPS. That would be best. A VPS will only run one of your sites. So speed is not supposed to be a problem. If this is the case then your site visitors You can take a dedicated server if you are not working with a VPS.